Commission Paintings


Commission Paintings.
Attached are some sample paintings of my previous commissions.
I paint commissions from photo with oil painting on canvas boards.
To achieve the best results a clear good quality photo printed on A4/A5 size photo paper is best where possible.

Commission rates are calculated on linier measurement.
Linier cost per inch: €12.50
Linier cost per cm:   €5.00


Calculate price in Inches.
Measured Width 8" and Height 10"
Add 8+10=18 (18 Linier Inches) multiply by €12.50 per liner inch.
= €225.

Calculate price in centimetres.
Measure width 30cm and height 30cm.
Add 30+30=60(60 linier cm) multiply by €5 per liner cm =€300.

A 25% instalment payment of the painting price is required before work can commence.                             The remaining payment will be required upon the completions of the painting.​

Commissions are personal to the customer and great time and attention is given to meet the customers requirements and create a painting you will be proud to have on your wall or gift to a friend or family.

Not include in the price:

-Deep edge stretch canvas(extra cost depending on size)
-Packaging and delivery cost.

Please message me if you have any questions.