Reigniting a Love of Art

Reigniting my love of art.

Pandemic lockdown free time kick started my love of painting - reigniting my passion for art.

I always said that when I'd get older and can't do anything else I'd start my art. But why wait? I now know I should have started years ago. But life does get in the way. And we never make time for the things we love, Art was always the last thing on the list until now. Over recent years I started attending art workshops to see if I still enjoyed it and, yes, painting just lifted my heart!

I've always admired oil paintings and dreamed that one day I'd have the time to do my own. I realised I was missing out on something that was very special to me. I started to buy loads of oil paints, brushes, canvas boards etc and friends of mine gifted me with a large easel for my 50th birthday to get me started.

I also got my first commission!

Goodness, I wasn't expecting that but it was like jumping in the deep end. I realised - it's now or never. No more procrastination - No more excuses!

Although I started painting in precious spare time in 2019, it wasn't until this recent pandemic that I had the total free time to get stuck in and practice my art.

It has been so enjoyable getting lost at the easel for hours and I now have a collections of art work mounting up around me. I need to make space for more so I decided to offer what I have for sale.

This website is my platform for selling my art and funding more art materials for my work. I hope you enjoy what's on offer and see something you like.

Thank you for viewing and reading.

Follow your passion!