Brushstrokes from a stroke of luck

A year ago, this week, my life changed for the better. First lockdown kicked in and then I had a stroke.
Thankfully, I recovered and in doing so, I had the time to reignite my love of painting and this was my stroke of luck.
Although it was a year of setbacks, it was also a great year of progress. I have had losses and gains. This contributed to me slowing down and connect deeper with my essence and with what I love in life.
I had started seeing life as getting older at 52, however, in learning to develop a new mindset, I now see my life has only just begun.
Getting into painting was a pure delight for me from the beginning.
One day in July, a friend dropped by and fell in love with 2 pieces of my art and this became my first sales which set the ball rolling.
From there, I created my website and signed up to who have sold a number of my paintings. I also got a lot of commissions. This was such a positive start for me and today I'm delighted with the outcome.
Every day, I celebrate a new beginning. I recognise how lucky I am to have great health, the time to paint, time to give to myself, time to live and to love, and time to be grateful for all that I have.
To celebrate, I treated myself to a new easel in Lidl (great bargain) and a new apron to wear 
And I've been writing in my gratitude journal daily - it creates a great feel-good factorand reminds me how lucky I am
Thank you to all those who purchased paintings over the last year and for those who follow me on Instagram and Facebook, your comments and support are greatly appreciated and it inspires me to paint more.
Thank you!

Following my passion!